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Unique Wedding Ideas from The Knot

Magic Mirror SRQ Wedding Setup

These days, planning a wedding can be an exciting and

OVERWHELMING experience. There are so many little options and details to choose and decide on. Check out this article from The Knot that outlines some of the most unique ways to make a memorable experience for you and your guests.

The article mentions hiring a photo booth to enhance your reception.

"Having a photo booth is a surefire way to capture memories a photographer might miss. For an extra-special touch, outfit your booth with themed props (snorkel gear and an under-the-sea backdrop for a summer wedding, opera masks and monocles for a formal affair, etc.) to get your guests in the mood; then be sure to send them a copy of their photo in your thank-you note."


Magic Mirror SRQ is the area's newest and most advanced photo booth. We consistently produce jaw-dropping results that leave your guests in awe. Click here to send us a booking request and see if your date is available.

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